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Get discovered by thousands of conscious shoppers actively seeking sustainable fashion.

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Our platform has helped partner brands increase sales by over 50%.

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Partnering with us lends credibility to your brand as a verified ethical fashion retailer.

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Showcase your sustainable fashion offerings to an international audience of choice, expanding your market reach beyond local borders.

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  • Create an Impactbytes account
  • Choose a plan that fits your needs
  • Tell us about your brand in our Impact Analysis


Sync your products

  • If your shop fits our values and is accepted, easily install our tool on your website
  • We create a productfeed for your website
  • We automatically verify and include new products and keep existing products up to date


Reach a new audience

  • Your products are continuously promoted on all Project Cece platforms that are relevant for you (e.g. domestic, EU, UK and/or North-America)
  • We create a social media shout-out for your brand for our 12k+ followers
  • Setup affiliate collaborations with any partner you like
Join 200+ sustainable brands and shops


Applying is always free. If your brand/shop fullfills the sustainability criteria, it is  accepted to the ecosystem and you can choose your plan.


Get  your products listed on Project Cece and run up to 1 additional affiliate collaboration with no fixed monthly costs.
  • Products listed on Project Cece and partner platforms
  • Social media promotion at start collaboration
  • 1 additional affiliate collaboration
€199 ,- one time
One time fee. No monthly/yearly fees. The commission is 15% for orders through Project Cece and adjustable for other affiliates you work with.
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No payment details required


Automatically get your products boosted on Project Cece and start unlimited affiliate collaborations. Unlock the power of an affiliate marketing program at an affordable price.
  • Products boosted on Project Cece and partner platforms
  • Social media promotion
  • Unlimited affiliate collaborations
= €32,50 p/m on annual plan or €37,50 p/m on monthly plan. Both are currently reduced prices (by 50%) from the standard rate.
No setup fee. The commission is 15% for orders through Project Cece and adjustable for other affiliates you work with.
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No payment details required


Try it out by getting listed at one network partner and running up to 2 publisher collaborations
With one-time setup fee €95
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No payment details required


Automatically get listed at all the relevant network partners where your customers already are and run unlimited publisher collaborations
  • Automated listings
  • Unlimited publisher collaborations
  • Datafeed integrations
€75 /m
Sign up now with a 50% discount!
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Premium listings, product boosts and unlimited growth with a dedicated account manager
  • Products boosted across platforms
  • Dedicated growth manager
  • White labelling & branded dashboards
Coming soon
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Any questions?

Find answers to common questions here. Something missing? Get in touch with us!

How do I integrate my products onto the Project Cece platform?

Begin by creating your account on Impactbytes. No immediate payment is required until your account is approved and you're fully set up on Project Cece!

Once you are approved, it is easy to integrate with various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce/WordPress, Squarespace, custom websites, and more.

What is the commission structure for affiliate sales?

For orders made via Project Cece, the commission is 15% of the net order value for brands and  10% of the net order value for marketplaces.

For orders through other Impactbytes affiliates (excluding Project Cece), you have the flexibility to set the commission percentage. Keep in mind that there is an additional fee of 30% of the chosen publisher commision percentage for Impactbytes.  Example Scenario: Let's say you set the publisher commission at 10%. In this case: 10% goes to the publisher. An additional 3% (30% of the 10% commission) is paid to Impactbytes.

Important Note:
You are not charged for orders that are returned.

Is there a contract or commitment period for a partnership?

Basic Plan: There is no commitment period for the Basic plan. You make a one-time payment, and we will promote your brand indefinitely on our platform.

Unlimited Plan:
With the Unlimited plan, there is a commitment period of 6 months, and there is no initial fee. After this initial period, if you decide to cancel the Unlimited plan, you have the option to switch to the Basic plan without incurring any additional costs. Rest assured, even in the Basic plan, we will continue to promote your brand indefinitely.

Terms and Conditions:
Regardless of the plan you choose, we ask all partners to agree to our standard terms and conditions to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

How will my brand be promoted to Project Cece's audience?

Initial Buzz and Social Media Shout-Out: At the start of our partnership, we kick things off by creating a buzz and giving your brand a shout-out through Project Cece's vibrant social media channels.

Continuous Promotion Through Blogs and Social Media:
We believe in consistent promotion. As a partner, your brand can be featured in our blogs and highlighted in our social media news updates. Plus, you have the opportunity to keep us updated about any exciting news related to your brand through a quick and easy form.

Exclusive Promotion Options for Partners: We provide numerous additional promotion and boost options that are exclusively available to our partners. These options are designed to give your sustainable brand or webshop even more visibility and reach.

Ongoing Product Promotion:
Once you're a partner, we ensure that all your products are consistently promoted on Project Cece. We make sure they're easily discoverable by individuals searching for sustainable fashion products just like yours.

Can I show my products on Project Cece only for specific countries?

You're in control of which international audience gets to see your products. By selecting specific shipping zones, you can target the regions that align with your business strategy. This could be one country, a few regions, or the world!