product sustainability data as a service

Access product sustainability data

With our sustainability tagging service, we provide easy access to the impact credentials of products for multibrand e-commere platforms and search engines.

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Get impact credentials for your products

We provide a single access point for product-level sustainability data.

Multibrand product-level coverage

Our SKU coverage is not limited to a single brand. You can access the credentials for all the products on your platform in one place.

Trusted verification method

We use third-party certifications, private audit reports and in-depth brand impact analyses to verify product credentials. We contribute to industry leading research projects.

Easy integration

We offer a dashboard with data insights and an API that can directly be integrated into any platform. Through a plug-and-play connection, you can easily provide the impact credentials of your products to your customers.

Why Impactbytes?

Gain consumer trust and mitigate lawsuits

Consumer demand for ethically produced products is growing and an increasing amount of consumers look at sustainability credentials when purchasing online.

With new proposed EU and national government level legislation, companies will need to be able to back up product sustainability claims.

Everything in one place

Before Impactbytes, there was no unified data source to verify product sustainability credentials from different brands - as products often come from different brands and sources with different levels of transparency and data availability.

Impactbytes verifies and aggregates product sustainability data.

How it works


Sync your data

Connect your platform and Impactbytes automatically indexes your products.


Product processing

Products that are synced onto Impactbytes are processed through our sustainability data verification pipeline. We verify new products and keep existing products up to date.


Access product credentials

After the products are processed, you can access SKU-level sustainability credentials such as third-party certifications with details and granular insights. You can access these through a visual dashboard or through an API so that you can easily integrate this on your platform.

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