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Sustainability and ethical production are hot topics in fashion. Content creators are more and more inclined to write about these topics, zooming in on sustainability aspects of products. 

This shift towards more attention for ethically produced items in blogs, social media, and online magazines is a positive development. Many consumers rely on these forms of content to make purchasing decisions, thus having more content about products with high sustainability standards directly leads to more sustainable purchases.

Unfortunately, it is still hard for content creators to promote more sustainable products. Investigating which brands are actually sustainable takes time, not to mention it requires quite some additional research to find out why a brand exactly is sustainable. 

Impactbytes solves this problem. By offering content creators a way to find sustainable brands, and invite them for an affiliate partnership with the click of a button.

Promoting Sustainable Fashion Brands and Earning Commission

Impactbytes gives access to a database of over 300 sustainable brands, with easy filters on type of sustainability: Fair Production, Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Local Production, and Good Cause. This makes it really easy to find brands and products that match your values.

After you have found a brand or product that fits your content, you can send a collaboration request through the platform, with optionally a message to introduce yourself. The brand will then reply to your request, and when they accept you will be able to make affiliate links to their webshop or to specific products.

You can easily track your transactions in your transactions overview, and after the sales have been confirmed you will automatically receive commission payments. Easy-peasy!

Making a publisher account is completely free.

Overview of dashboard page with sustainable fashion retailers open for affiliate partnerships

Find Eco-Friendly Products that Fit your Article, or Other Content

Are you not looking for a brand, but for a specific product? For instance, if you are writing an article about The Best Sustainable Wedding Guest Dresses, you can find products that match that article using our sustainable product finder.

You can browse all the products in our catalogue and use filters, such as the category filter, the label filter, the certificate filter, and the material filter to find products that match your sustainability criteria.

Overview of dashboard page with sustainable fashion product finder showing different sustainability filters

When you find the suitable products for your content, you can request the brand to collaborate with you so you can use the affiliate links.

Start an Affiliate Partnership with the Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Over 300 sustainable brands are already part of the Impactbytes affiliate network. Unfortunately, we cannot highlight them all here, but we can definitely showcase a few of our favourite eco-friendly brands to set up an affiliate partnership with.

Affiliate Partnership with Kings of Indigo

Kings of Indigo is a classic American jeans brand with a Japanese eye for detail, and Dutch roots. They have been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation for over a decade and closely monitor their whole supply chain.

Their transparency is outstanding, with the whole supply chain mapped out for every product, and proof being given in the form of certifications and audit reports. They use sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled wool.

Kings of Indigo is an amazing brand if you want to recommend sustainable jeans, or urban streetwear. Sign up for free the join the Kings of Indigo affiliate program. 

Brava Fabrics Affiliate Partner Program

This sustainable Spanish brand is ready to conquer the world with their fun designs, affordable prices, and high values. The clothing is made in Spain and Portugal, from sustainable materials.

They have a great selection of menswear (more than women's wear), well suited for every season and every occasion. From fun swim trunks made from recycled polyester, to warm winter sweaters made from 100% mulesing free merino wool, Brava Fabrics has it all and is ready to collaborate!

Sign up for free the join the Brava Fabrics affiliate program. 

Anekdot Affiliate Partner Program

Beautiful lingerie, swimwear and loungewear can be found in the Anekdot boutique. Anekdot uses deadstock fabrics, so no new fabrics need to be created for them.

The items are fairly made in Poland and Germany, keeping the production close to home and the carbon footprint small.

This brand is not only great for articles about lingerie and underwear, but also for sustainable gift guides!

Sign up for free the join the Anekdot affiliate program. 

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather Affiliate Partner Program

It won’t come as a surprise that this shoe brand is completely vegan. They use cool leather alternatives such as apple skin leather and corn leather. Their shoes are ethically made by small family businesses in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Would you love to promote this brand? You are not the only one! Emma Watson is also a brand ambassador for Good Guys, and she definitely rocks these shoes.

Sign up for free the join the Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather affiliate program. 

Written by
Melissa Wijngaarden